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Custom made by the artist using gemstones and fresh water pearls 


11 textiles, gemstones, antique buttons  beads, and hearts make up these unique neckpieces


Multigems & crystal are hand wired on silver plated chain.  Add extention to form necklace


In November of 2010 Ruth  had to have emergency surgery to replace her aortic valve.  She had limited movement afterwards and was unable to swing a large brush for some time. Needing to do something creative, she designed a new kind of neckwear. In searching for materials, she came upon her grandmother's button box.  The treasure within was the beginning of her inspiration.  She attended gem shows and craft stores and soon had a whole cadre of materials to work with.    Using  eleven different textiles  for the base, she wove, knotted, braided, beaded, and sewed to fashion each unique piece.  To commemorate her successful heart surgery, she included some form of heart in every item. Some are so tiny that you can hardly find them.  In recent exhibits it became a game of "Where's Waldo?" with hearts.  Even though they contain heavy jewels and stones, they seem weightless and comfortable to wear because of their design.

This wearable art may be purchased  as shown or commissioned by sending a swatch of fabric for color matching.  They always evoke the question, "Where did you find that?"