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“Heart Strings


To create this unique neckware, Ruth has combined 11 different textures, gemstones, pearls, and antique buttons.

 Originally, they were created to hide an ugly scar created by heart surgery. That is why I named them “Heartstrings”

 To commemorate the successful surgery I hid a heart in each piece.  The scar is gone, but the jewelry remains.

Each piece is lightweight, comfortable and adjustable simply by moving the knot to the desired length.


  Fossilized Agate$199
“Turquoise and  Sepia “$250  
 “Shades of brown and black”$150
 ”Brown and Blue Medley” $250 SOLD
Necklace on left custom-made to match
“Greens and tourquoise”$199
 “Triple Heartstrings”$150  Necklace made to go with this fabric





“Tourquoise,Jade, & Violet”

 “Blue Violet”$175  

“Shades of Tourquoise and Lavender”



   ”Red Buttons”



Brass Buttons and Chains” $250   “Brass Buttons and Chains” A combination of antique buttons, gemstones, pearls, copper chains make this a uniqqfue eyecatcher.
“Red Heart”$199  
 “Butterfly on my Shoulder”$199  
“Coral, Red, and white$250  
“Red White and Blue”$199
 “Fuchia Accents”$250
Aqua Fina“Shades of Blue”$295
“Shades of Green”$175
 “Christmas tree”$295 “Christmas Tree”This is a combination of gemstones, antique buttons, swarovski crystals, pearls and beads.The fossilized agate is shaped by nature in the form of a Christmas tree.  Besides the heart, an angel is tucked into the eyelash  yarn and silk threads.$295
 “Tourquoise and Brown”$250
“Black and White” $299  “Black & White gems, Pearls, and Crystal Leaves”$299
 “Aqua Fina”$250
“Violet Gems and Pearls”$299
 “Peaches and Plums”$250
 “Big Red Heart”$175
“Torquoise Heart”$199
“Red & Black”$150
“Red & Brown”$150
 “Shades of Brown”$150
“Black and White Gems with  bejeweled  buttons”$199 My top sellers have been black and white.  So elegant! and they go with everything.I have shown you how I can match any fabric and you have a truely one of a kind piece that I gaurentee will be an attention getter.  I have tested each to make sure they don’t itch or scratch because wool isn’t used.  Also, they are unbelievely light weight. The length is adjustable.All the above are for sale, unless marked sold