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Hand Woven from original paintings by Ruth Basler Burr, these tapestries were created by a weaving facility in Podicherry, South India. The technique, called split-weave, allows for the depiction of very fine detail resulting in accurate and lifelike recreation of the paintings.

Composed of 100% wool from the northern state of Punjab, they are moth-proofed for protection. The best commercial dyes insure uniformity and color fastness. Most are available in four sizes The Anemones and Garden View can be had in the additional size of 15×24 for $150.

Sizes and Prices

24×40-$350 32×48-$599 36×60-$899 48×72-$1400

“Garden Path”


“Mission Reflections”

“Laguna Riviera”

“Romantic Bridge”

“Alpine Meadow”

“Descanso Stream”



“Point of View”

“Garden View”

“On the Water”

“Rivers Edge”

“Garden Cart”

“Under the Willow”